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General Editor:                Allan D.Fitzgerald, O.S.A.
                                               Augustinianum — Rome
                                               Villanova University ]

Book Review Editor:       John Cavadini
                                              University of Notre Dame

Associate Editors:            John E. Rotelle, O.S.A.
                                            Augustinian Press

                                          Frederick van Fleteren.
                                            LaSalle University

                                         Thomas Martin, O.S.A.
                                            Villanova University

Augustinian Studies is a journal devoted to the study of Saint Augustine. The Editors welcome contributions from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, including history, philosophy, and theology. Although the primary emphasis of the journal is the study of Augustine himself, articles illuminating aspects of the study of Augustine more broadly conceived (for example, studies of other persons, groups, or issues in Augustine’s time, or the extent that such studies bear on or contribute to an understanding of Augustine’s life and thought and on the influences on Augustine or on his influence on others. The annual Saint Augustine Lecture, given each Fall at Villanova University, is published in the pages of this journal. Augustinian Studies also prints substantive review articles on appropriate publications.

Augustinian Studies fosters gender-inclusive scholarship and expression in appropriate ways. In the preparation of manuscripts, authors are requested to follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Full titles of Augustine’s works may be used; when abbreviations are used, those given in Augustine Through the Ages: an Encyclopedia or in the Augustinus-Lexikon are preferred. When citing the book, chapter and paragraph for one of Augustine's works, the style of the critical edition should be used. The texts of ancient authors which are given in modern translation in the text should usually be accompanied by the original text in note. In some cases it may be preferable to include key terms within the text in parentheses at appropriate places.

Articles are to be submitted in manuscript form (one clean, double-spaced copy with endnotes) — preferably accompanied by a copy on disk. In order to allow manuscripts to be evaluated in ignorance of the author’s name and institutional affiliation, the editor requests that such information be given in an accompanying letter and not on the manuscript itself. A decision will normally be reached within three to four months of receiving a paper. Manuscripts will not normally be returned.

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Manuscripts and editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

                                                                                      Augustinian Studies
                                                                                      Villanova University
                                                                                      Villanova, PA 19085

All correspondence regarding subscriptions, renewals, and matters regarding the journal’s distribution should be addressed to:

                                                                                      Philosophy Documentation Center
                                                                                      Bowling Green State University
                                                                                      Bowling Green, OH 43403-0189
                                                                                      Telephone (800) 444-2419 (US and Canada) or (419) 372-2419
                                                                                      Fax (419) 372-6987

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Augustinian Studies
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