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Since the efforts to enter into dialogue about Campus Security at Villanova have come to little, please join in a prayer that seeks to affirm and deepen awareness of our Catholic and Augustinian identity, the basis for real change. Let us be two or three or many, many more (Mt 18:20) who pray in His name!



Ignite Hearts Prayer


Come Holy Spirit, inspire the Villanova community
     to face the fear that plagues our world and tempts us
     to ignore the prophetic warning of Matthew 26:52:
     “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

     Let your love free me from fear (1 John 4:18). 


Intercede, St. Augustine, for this community that we may
     know and follow your example of pleading for peace

      in a violent world with well-chosen words and a

      generous heart. Give me the patience and insight

      needed to seek peace and justice today.


Help me, O God, to minister your peace and mercy,

     to the most vulnerable in this community – those who

     are marginalized, disheartened or with no voice.

     Give all of us new daring, to stand with one another

     and to know that you are the one to keep us safe. 


Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.





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